Dominican Mail Order Brides: The Best Online Places to Find and Meet Them

Beautiful Dominican woman smiling at camera

The Dominican Republic is one half of the island named Dominica. The other half is home to the country Haiti. Compared to Haiti, the Dominican Republic is relatively prosperous and politically stable. This tropical island is covered in lush jungles and surrounded by beaches that take your breath away.

A tourist haven, travelers flock to The Dominican Republic for sun, sea, and watersports. A few are probably also drawn by the stunning and bold Dominican women.

Curvaceous, bodacious, and hyper body aware, Dominican girls know how to flaunt what they’ve got. Many are of average height or are short. Skinny is not in fashion here and the lasses celebrate their earth-shattering curves in tightly fitting clothes.

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Dancing is high on the agenda and sexuality is showcased through dance. You won’t find many wallflowers here, these girls are feisty and have confidence for days.

Most of the women have dark brunette to black hair and baby-smooth light brown skin which is enhanced by the island’s perpetual sunshine. It’s a multi-cultural place though, lanky supermodel-esque black women also call the nation home. Dominican girls look for a husband or partner who is a provider, preferring a man who takes his traditional role as the breadwinner seriously.

The women are open, friendly, fun-loving and have a fantastic sense of humor. A family, children, and a nice home to live in are top priorities for a lot of Dominican women. They’ll expect a man to provide for them but in return, they’ll provide a cosy and comfortable home life.

Beautiful Dominican woman smiling at camera

The official language is Spanish which is spoken with a distinct Dominican vernacular. Haitian Creole is also spoken by some people. This is good news for Western men seeking an international wife because Spanish is one of the easiest foreign languages to learn.

Catholicism is the majority religion and 95 percent of the population describe themselves as Christians. Even if a Dominican woman doesn’t practice her religion every day, she’s likely still a devout woman. Churches are numerous and many visitors comment that there’s one on just about every street corner!

The cuisine is quite simple and focuses on rice, chicken, fish, pork, and lots of vegetables. A Dominican woman takes feeding her family well as a personal responsibilitygiant dishes of pork with pineapple is served in liberal amounts alongside a medley of tropical fruit.

Beautiful Dominican woman smiling at camera

She’s no stranger to hardship and extraordinary events; the island often gets bombarded with violent storms and erratic weather patterns. A turbulent past history of colonization, wars, and political upheaval means that women from this culture are tough as nails when they need to be. They still maintain their feminity though!

If you’re after a woman who is outgoing, sexy and full of life but still holds traditional values in high regard, a Dominican beauty might be the perfect woman for you. To see a catalog of Dominican mail order brides seeking foreign husbands, check these pages.