Dutch Mail Order Brides – It’s Time to Find Your Better Half in a Dutch Bride

Young Dutch woman with tulips

A Dutch woman is about way more than a smoke and a pancake. She’s hyper intelligent, well-traveled, culturally aware, educated, and a hard worker.

In addition, there’s a good chance she’s blonde blue-eyed, tall, slim, and has legs like a giraffe. The Dutch are one of the tallest people in Europe so if height is what you’re seeking in a bride, you’re in the right country.

Holland is a diverse place, so the women possess a multitude of different looks, styles, and backgrounds. Not everyone has yellow hair and cool blue eyes, but many do. This is the nation of Doutzen Kroes, Lara Stone, and Michelle Hunziker. All models who showcase the best of European beauty.

Young Dutch woman with bike

To match those cool blue eyes, a woman from Holland has a cool head and may come across as diffident and aloof upon first meeting. She’s not. She’s just reserved, analytical, and doesn’t wildly jump to conclusions.

In the Netherlands, women hold equal status to men. These aren’t women who intend to marry, quit work, and be pampered. A Dutch girl has no issue getting stuck in and completing her fair share of the work. Someone has raised her to know she can conquer the world if she sets her mind to it. Ladies from the Netherlands don’t shirk challenges.

With these qualities, Dutch girls are excellent mothers. They raise their children to believe in themselves and consistently aim high. A Dutch wife won’t do all the mothering though. She’ll expect you to get involved.

When it’s time for pappadag (daddy day) a Dutch wife or partner takes the day off leaving childcare, cooking, cleaning, and household management to the father.

To win a Dutch woman’s heart go for thoughtful little gestures regularly. Bring her bread and hagelslag (chocolate sprinkles) in bed for breakfast. Or express her a cup of coffee and give it with a stroopwafel (a thin waffle with caramel sauce inside).

Young blonde woman in underwear

Grand, lavish (and expensive) expressions of ardor won’t impress a Dutch woman. She will probably just wonder how you could be so frivolous with money. Most of these ladies are savers, not spenders. Good news if you’ve previously dated women who like to flash the cash too much for your liking.

Convinced by the idea of a powerful and intellectual Dutch girl yet? If not, take a look at some of the ravishing brides from Holland seeking an international partner on these pages.

Remember to be manly when you speak to Dutch women. They appreciate a strong and capable partner who is both nimble-witted and physically in tune with his body. Don’t shy away from opinions and offer to carry heavy things for her. Chances are, she’ll do it herself but she will appreciate the offer.

Bright, bold, astute, and discerning, Dutch ladies might not be the easiest to win over, but you’re guaranteed to enjoy trying. Plus, you’ll learn to master the art of cycling along the canals.