Isn’t buying a wife illegal?

In summary, this is a common misconception about the type of service we endow. We’re not offering up relationships for sale to the highest bidder – nothing could be further from the truth. Our service is that of an introduction agency. We offer our users the chance to review and interact with the profiles of women who have an earnest and independent interest in getting acquainted with men like you, and whose stated desire is to seek a long-term, loving and supportive marriage. All interactions are entirely at the discretion of both parties. There’s no pressure or coercion involved, and the payments to access the website are purely to permit us to provide the service as effectively and efficiently as possible.

How is this different from Internet dating?

Numerous men have attempted to meet a partner or prospective spouse via more traditional online hookup websites or applications, and been disappointed at their experience. Where we diverge is in our selection of candidates. We don’t cater for the casual dater or those aiming for a short term fling. So, when you register, be assured that the potential pool of women you’ll meet are committed to finding a worthy match, for long and happy lives, not exclusively looking for a prospect to flirt or wine and dine with.

Why charge for your service?

We often receive queries in this vein, where prospective users have noticed there are free alternatives to our service. Our honest answer to this is that you get what you pay for. Free sites may look tempting from a financial perspective, but the sad truth is that many of these websites do very little verification of their users and often play host to a plethora of scammers, time wasters and inactive profiles.

How do you distribute the income?

Charging a nominal fee allows us to reinvest those takings into allocating you with a professional, upstanding and vetted service, making it all the more likely you’ll find the person for you, and providing you with significant protection against fraud.

Do you verify the women’s profiles?

Our focus is solely on those women who are keen to pursue a formal and serious affinity with matrimony as the ultimate end goal, and we monitor profiles as well as usage reports to assure everyone included is genuine.

How can I get better quality matches?

If you feel you’re not getting matches that reflect exactly the disposition of companion you’re looking for, firstly, take a look at your own profile and ascertain whether you’ve supplied extensive detail about yourself and who you’re looking to encounter on the site. The more intricate the profile, the better job we can do at locating your ideal match. Secondly, check that you’re using the filters available to you when searching. Refine your results to those profiles most similar to your desired woman. If you’re interested in Russian, Asian or Eastern European women particularly, ensure you’ve properly set the filter to reflect this. Equally if you’re seeking blondes, redheads or brunettes, or athletic, petite or voluptuous figures, make this clear in your search for the most advantageous results.

How does the matching system work?

We use a proprietary algorithm – basically a computer formula – which takes all of the data supplied by our users, and by the prospective wives stored in our dataset, and then ranks the likelihood of a successful match between each by making a comparison. The system then returns a list of the most suitable connections for each user, at which point it’s over to you to browse through and narrow down the possibilities.

How soon is it appropriate to meet?

As with any relationship, it’s difficult to give an absolute answer to this question, it’s really a decision you have to make yourself. Our advice – go slow and take the opportunity to converse prior to diving straight in to a meeting. This reduces the risk of disappointment, which can be particularly crushing if the trip is going to involve copious foreign travel at considerable expense. Ultimately though, it’s your call how to proceed.

How long does it usually take to find someone?

It varies to quite an extent between users – we’ve seen matches happen in a few days before, but also we have many users who like to exert a modicum of caution and will chat to multiple contacts for months while working out exactly what their precise feelings are. The quest for a lifelong companion is one of the most significant undertakings any man will face in life, so expending a relatively large effort is par for the course.

What happens if I can’t find anyone suitable?

Don’t despair! We’re constantly adding new profiles to our database, so stick around for the long haul. You’ll find that search results change from week to week as new women discover our service and post up their profiles. It’s an ever changing mix of exciting opportunities to meet that special someone, so don’t be disheartened if you don’t find what you’re looking for right away.

Do these women actually want to get married?

Indeed they do – they wouldn’t be featured otherwise!

How can I tell if I’m being scammed?

We try to prevent any untoward, criminal or illicit activity on our site, but in the rare case something doesn’t seem right, contact our team for consultation. Look out for solicitation of money or expensive gifts, or a refusal to share detailed information or images. These can be warning signs that something is wrong.

Can you guarantee I’ll find a wife here?

What we promise our users is to gain entrance to a selection of some of the most eligible prospective brides and benefit from the latest technology and algorithms to match their profile with women suited to them. Once a connection is made, it is the chemistry, understanding, personality and communication which determine if you’ll find true love. That is not something a business can create, that’s something transcendent, and gives a beautiful uniqueness to the situation!

How can I stand out from the crowd?

We don’t see it as a crowd to extricate yourself from. Our system carefully picks out specific matches for you, based on your own desires and needs, so you ought not to presume you’re competing with other men. The most important thing is honesty. When filling out your profile, don’t exaggerate or mislead, but also don’t be shy about listing your great personal qualities, professional achievements, skills and talents. The women on our site want to understand you, so don’t hold back. You can impress without coming across as too boastful, pretentious, conceited or arrogant.

What are these women looking for in a husband?

Each will have different priorities, desires and dreams for their exemplary future mate, that’s expected. But we see trends and similarities in the broader requirements that women using our service have told us about. In the majority of cases, they’re looking for romance essentially, but are also seeking an eventual provider who is trustworthy, financially stable, and committed.