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Haitian woman

Can you picture yourself strolling along a boulevard in Port-au-Prince with a gorgeous woman by your side? She’s tall, twiggy, and slender with perfect black skin and green eyes. Does such a woman exist? Yes. In Haiti she does.

Haitian girls are Afro-Caribbean. They’re a quixotic blend of African, Latin, and Caribbean descent. Their skin tone ranges from honey to ebony and their eyes can be gray, green, blue, brown, or any combination of that. These ladies often reach lofty heights and have the kind of bodies that model scouts are constantly on the hunt for.

Beautiful Haitian woman looking into camera

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Haiti the country comprises one half of the Caribbean island, Dominica. Because the island was colonized by the Spanish then the French, who both imported slaves from Africa, the population is diverse and it is this unique combination of cultures and features that make Haitian women so spectacular.

These girls are more than just beauties though. In Haiti, women make up around 60 percent of the workforce. A Haitian girl is not afraid of hard graft. The country is economically depressed and sadly, around 80 percent of people live in poverty. The 2010 earthquake which struck the country hasn’t helped matters. Many Haitian ladies dream of a better, more stable and comfortable life.

Despite this, these girls are unconstrained and carefree. A Haitian woman has a stern side though. She’s not shy and will express her opinions freely in her titillating Creole. These ladies speak mainly French. She may also speak a little English, or Spanish. Whichever language she speaks, it’s with a distinct Haitian Caribbean Creole flavor.

Beautiful Haitian woman looking off camera

This girl expects her man to be a man. A few muscles here and there will help you win the heart of a Haitian hottie. In return, a Haitian wife will look after you very well. Haitian women have been raised to be exemplary wives and mothers. Rare is a Haitian girl who can’t cook, clean, and parent well.

Most of the women are strictly Catholic, the national religion. But voodoo common practice too and proponents believe it can peacefully coexist with Catholicism. This is not something to worry about and any preconceptions you have about voodoo may need readjusting. This syncretic practice, which draws inspiration from many mainstream religions, is about living in conjunction and harmony with the spirit world.

Haitian girls are usually religious, superstitious, and moralistic. They believe living honorably in the physical realm will warrant a pleasant and rewarding afterlife. A Haitian wife will expect you to act the same. She can be jealous and given how intelligent she is, it’s wise to not try to sneak anything past her! In return, you’ll find she’s loyal, dutiful, and prioritizes her man.

If you seek a bootylicious black woman with traditional values, Haitian ladies can’t be beaten.