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Indian woman smiling at camera

Beautiful, exotic, colorful, and lively, the South Asian nation of India has been enchanting visitors for centuries, and so have the local Indian women.

Indian women are often stunning with thick and luscious jet-black colored hair, beautiful deep brown eyes, and gorgeous brown skin. A little-known fact is that a lot of the real human hair used to make wigs worldwide comes from India, that’s because it’s so thick and fetching.

A sunny countenance and a can-do attitude toward work and home life mean that Indian women are a joy to live with. This is not to say that these gals are pushovers though. They have a sharp mind and certainly know how to use it!

beautiful Indian woman in elegant dress

These ladies are likely to be educated to a high level, in fact, many hold post-graduate degrees, and are the ideal match for a man who likes an intellectually capable companion.

India spent nearly 200 years under British colonial control before the country regained its independence in 1947. As a result of this lengthy colonization, many Indian ladies speak English as their first language. Those who don’t have English as a mother tongue, will usually be bilingual or have a superb grasp of the language.

Hindi is the nation’s other official language. In total though, the country boasts over 20 different tongues and 13 distinct scripts.

Because the country is so vast and densely populated, there is no one single unifying culture which we could adequately describe here. The majority of women and the population as a whole follow Hinduism. Other religions include Islam, Christianity, and Sikhism.

Regardless of their religion, many Indian women prefer a more modest style of dress. Whether they are wearing Western-styled clothes or traditional saris, these girls generally prefer not to flaunt their bodies in public.

Bold, bright, and beguiling saris (sometimes written as saree) are the way many women in India dress. These garments comprise a long length of colorful cloth which winds around the body. An adept sari wearer doesn’t even need safety pins or other closures to keep the cloth in place!

Besides being masters of the sari, most Indian women are skilled cooks and many will have learned traditional dishes from their mothers or grandmothers while they were growing up.

It’s no secret that India has produced some of the world’s favorite dishes. From the ever-popular Tikka Masala to a fiery Jalfrezi and everything in between, Indian cuisine is rich, varied, and, it goes without saying, delicious. Each region has its own distinct cuisine, too.

Because the culture in India is traditionally patriarchal in nature, many Indian women enter into arranged marriages where their family and that of the groom to be, decide if the couple will be a good match. Divorce rates are low and marriages are viewed as a lifelong commitment with family values at the fore.

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