Irish Mail Order Brides: Your Sure Bet to Meet and Date Beautiful Irish Women

Irish woman

Ireland is known as the Emerald Isle for good reason. The rolling green landscapes of hillsides, forests, and fields are a feast for the eyes. And the women of Ireland are also a sight to behold. With fresh faces and rosy complexions from all the clean air, many Irish girls are simply stunning.

The Irish are a fun-loving people. Enjoyment and pleasure are top of their list of priorities for everyday living. They love a good party. So much so that the average beer consumption per person is 131.1 liters of beer every year-not surprising for the home of Guinness! And Irish girls love a drink too and a party too. Many dress up on St Patrick’s day in the colors of the national flag-green, white, and orange.

Irish woman with red hair

Irish women are a very patriotic breed. Although English is now the mother tongue for the majority of people, their own official language is Irish Gaelic. Throughout history, Gaelic was the only language spoken by the Irish right up until the late 19th century. And it’s a part of their heritage still taught in schools today. Pretty much all the women in Ireland are bilingual or speak a decent amount of Gaelic.

Although they may not practice their religion, most Irish women have had a good Catholic upbringing. They believe in treating others as they expect to be treated. They have a strong sense of independence, are well-educated and work hard for a living.

This is also something that Irish women will look for in a partner. They need a strong man who they can respect. Someone who takes care of his appearance and has good manners to match. Always remember to hold the door open when an Irish woman passes by. In return, you can expect a girlfriend or wife with impeccable manners who won’t get the cutlery confused.

Irish woman with red hair

There is a wild streak to the Irish lady. A witty, sarcastic sense of humor which is both saucy and cheeky can sometimes get them into trouble. But when jokes are said in their soft Irish lilt, all is forgiven. Irish women may be feisty but they also have a heart of gold.

Traditionally, we imagine Irish women to have an abundance of red hair. And some of them do, perfectly setting off their pale and sometimes freckled skin. Yet in reality, they come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Tall, short, black, white, dark, or fair-haired, the country has a diverse mix of beauties.

Fashion is important and these lassies take pride in their looks. An Irish girl will always dress to impress, whether in a suit, a dress, or casual wear. Even jeans and a t-shirt look good on a bonny Irish girl.

If the luck of the Irish is what you are looking for, or a partner in crime to shout sláinte (cheers) with, check out the selection of Gaelic gals waiting on these pages.