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Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers sang about them in their hit song ‘American Girl’. The Beach Boys did a musical round-up in ‘California Girls’ and Lenny Kravitz also belted out a tune called ‘American Woman’. So what do girls from the United States have that got these artists riled up enough to dedicate songs to them?

Sassy, switched-on, independently minded, and nobody’s fool, US girls are often optimistic in the face of adversity or strife and can deliver a good dose of sarcasm. That said, their humor isn’t always wry and sharp, many American women can also delve into their silly side and pull slapstick jokes as well.

It’s impossible to describe what the American woman looks like because she can have a multitude of varied looks. The nation is a veritable melting pot of different ethnicities, races, creeds, and influences.

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Traditionally home to the indigenous American Indian people, the US was settled by British and mainland Europeans from the 1600s onward. African Americans became part of the nation via subjugating means because of the morally corrupt yet flourishing slave trade, and many central and southern American citizens settled in the country in the early days too.

The fledgling USA was initially welcoming to people for many nations, as witnessed by the inscription on the statue of liberty. To this day still, a lot of people across the globe aspire to make their lives in the states, and many do just that.

For these reasons, an American woman can be blonde and blue-eyed, she can be black with rich brown eyes you could lose yourself in, she might be Asian, Caucasian, African American, Hispanic, Native American, Irish or any combination of these things.

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What American lasses have in common though is that they’re well-educated hard workers who believe in the American dream; if you’ve grown up in a place you’re inclined to take on the values and mores of the surrounding society. They may be quite politically minded or apolitical, chances are though, they’ll be happy to share their views and concerns over the state of the nation with you.

American gals might be as bold and brassy as a Broadway performer, or as humble and homespun as home-baked apple pie. In the states, marriage is important to women but many do not get married in their 20s these days often preferring to wait until their 30s or even older. A lot of couples do not get married, instead, they live in long-term civil partnerships.

The predominant religion throughout the country is Christianity. Like in all faiths, some people retain staunchly fundamentalist views, such as in the Amish communities. Or family values which are on a par with other, less secular nations.

Mostly, however, the country is liberal in outlook and American women will seek a man who upholds these kinds of values. If that’s you, the perfect all-American woman of your dreams might be waiting for you on these pages.