Privacy Policy

This policy is intended to furnish you with full transparency regarding operating procedure particularly as it pertains to our handling of your personal data and our obligations and responsibilities to you in the discharge of our operations.

In tandem with the Terms Of Use additionally hosted on this website, these documents as accepted by you comprise your express and unreserved consent for us to undertake the activities delineated therein.

What information is collected?

We amass, collect and store both information which may be used to identify you, comprising names, surnames, phone numbers and email addresses, as well as other, non-identifiable data. When this is collected, it may be stored and transmitted throughout our network of server infrastructure, potentially located in a number of distinct territories and countries worldwide.

In terms of publicly obtainable data, your profile on our website is strictly limited to a first name and age, as well as your own chosen screen name – no further family names, geographical or postal location and so forth are made accessible. The remaining text which makes up your profile is ultimately determined by you, and we advice caution in adding anything which may be used to further identify you. Your profile will also include a photograph of your choice, which will be made public as well, in order to facilitate matching you with target candidates on our extensive database.

How will this data be used?

There are a wealth of reasons for which we may utilize the aforementioned information, and the following list provides an overview, however this is neither guaranteed to be comprehensive nor exhaustive. The listed use cases apply equally to the metadata which we may create and keep, generally germane to how you use our service, at what times you entered and exited it, and the specific activities you conduct whilst logged in to the service.

Service provision – we use data about you to better tailor our service to you, including how we identify and present matched profiles for your perusal, how we assist your use of the search function, and other similar uses.

account management – to provide you with services related to your registered account, for example customer assistance in the event of a request for help.

Terms and conditions – to ensure that your activity on the site and your use of its components is commensurate with the agreement made between us in the Terms Of Use viewable elsewhere on this site, and to gather information should a breach occur in order to determine sanctions.

business management – to equip us with analytical data which we require for the further optimization and improvement of our service and the general day to day running of our enterprise activities.

How can a user retrieve and review their own data?

If any user wishes to gain access to the singular data held on their behalf by, in the first instance they should use their username and password to log in to the service and examine their user profile in the normal way. This interface also allows the user to update and correct any items which so require it as well as contributing additional information should that be deemed necessary. users are reminded that any data entered or altered must represent a true and accurate account of themselves as per the Terms. reserves the right to warehouse and back up previous versions of a user’s profile in the event of a change, which is necessary to preserve a history of any alterations and in order to make allowance for a rollback service, should any errors be introduced into the record. Where, for example, a user makes alterations to their published hobbies and interests, will maintain a copy of the previous evidence under that heading.

How can a user remove their account?

If users are not happy with the service or wish to permanently conclude their ongoing relationship with for any other reason, they are of course absolutely entitled to do so. On receiving a demand for termination submitted either in writing or via the relevant function in the website application itself, we will deactivate the account and proceed to remove any associated data from our active storage. It may be contingent upon us to retain selected data for an interim period if this is required by local laws. examples include spending histories, messaging and so forth. Where this is the case we will notify the user at the time the account is terminated.

Is user data ever disclosed to anyone outwith

In short, not without very good justification. It is however vital to bear in mind that certain entities have the right to solicit or subpoena certain data we may hold on users, for the purposes of law enforcement or other governmental investigatory action.

There is also the possibility of accidental disclosure. While we endeavor to maintain a secure and private operation, we do not give an absolute guarantee against the possibility that a third party might intercept or in some other way acquire data or communications through unlawful means. Users should expect this possibility however limited and recognize that their use of this service is fundamentally at their own discretion and risk. We do not purposefully transfer or offer for sale any data we possess to any external company, for example advertising agencies, etc.

Do you preserve any financial data?

In order to process any fees which our users pay us for providing the core service or any supplementary functions, we may collect and handle transactional information, such as either credit or debit card codes, or online transaction details and pass these to our billing service providers. This data may also be disclosed to banks, credit reference organisations or other fiduciary institutions where deemed necessary for the safe and timely collection of payment and maintenance of rigorous records.

Web analytics

We’re continually modifying and improving the service we deliver through and an important influence in our attempts to expedite this accurately is the collection and analysis of tracking data. This type of information records how the site and its features are accessed and used, for example counting the number of times a particular page has been visited or assessing how a solitary function is used on a day-to-day basis. This data is anonymous so users are identified only by ip address, not by name.

Alterations to this document

updates and alterations to this policy will be posted here, and will remain available to all users of the service. Best practice for the user is invariably to check in at regular intervals and apprise oneself of any additions or substitutions to the policy.