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These terms are applicable to any user of ineedbride.com – if you proceed with gaining access and utilize the services hosted there, we’ll assume that you accept them in totality. If you disagree with anything outlined below, please desist from accessing the aforementioned services. If anything’s not clear, contact us directly before proceeding to the service. In our experience this makes subsequent resolution of any issues considerably simpler.


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In order to fully benefit from the services provided by ineedbride.com you may be required to create and register an account. In doing so, you agree that you will not disclose your personal account details or password to any third party; you agree that you will not aid, abet, encourage or assist a non registered user to access the website or services, including by sharing account details with that party; you will not attempt to gain access to, or impersonate the registered account of another user; you will not attempt via your account to abuse, penetrate or reverse-engineer the website or individual elements of functionality contained within the website.


In order to register and partake/benefit from the services provided by ineedbride.com you must be a minimum of 18 years old; you must be unmarried at the time of application or formally separated from your erstwhile spouse; you must not have a criminal conviction for any violent crime on your record; you must have the authority and capacity to enter into binding legal agreements. If ineedbride.com discovers after enrolment is complete that you are in breach of one or more of these conditions we will proceed to terminate your participation forthwith, any completed payments notwithstanding, without it being incumbent upon us to provide either a reason or explanation.

User created content

On areas of the website in which website users are able to post, upload or otherwise make visible text, image or hyperlinks, the user should be advised that ineedbride.com does not accept any responsibility for editorial control, and cannot make any guarantees as to the reliability or veracity of such materials. Any such material is entirely reflective of the views or opinions of its respective author and is in now way related to the ineedbride.com or its employees. Material which runs counter to these guidelines or is designed to offend or distress may be removed without warning.

Content creation

Content which you create using the website is your responsibility, and it’s up to you to ensure that you do not break any laws, either in the jurisdiction of origin or elsewhere, that you fully respect copyright legislation and that you do not substantially mislead, defame, libel, harass, or otherwise cause injury to any third party. This includes use of user uploaded content to promote alternative commercial activity, or illegal business.

Personal risk

We cannot assume liability for any personal risk you undertake in your use of this website and its associated services. By continuing to use the services you accept any risk related to loss, fraud, reputational damage or any other injurious circumstance which may befall you in undertaking online conversation or physical meeting. Ineedbride.com is not accountable for the individual circumstances or quality of meetings arranged either virtually or otherwise via this service. If arranging in person meetups you are advised to take any necessary precautions to ensure your own safety.


While ineedbride.com make all reasonable efforts to screen and ascertain the identities and associated personal characteristics of all users presenting profiles on the website, we are unable to guarantee the information offered beyond all doubt, and it remains the responsibility of the client to undertake the necessary steps to ascertain the trustworthiness of any individual here met on their own behalf.


Ineedbride.com prohibits the use of the website and services available through the website in the perpetration of criminal activity or harassment towards another user. Under these terms you agree not to impersonate another user with the intention of defrauding or causing damage; not to misrepresent yourself either through falsely identifying as anybody or altering substantive details about yourself; not to pursue, stalk or otherwise subject another user to distressing, abusive, obscene or upsetting communications; not to post or make available any content containing pornographic imagery, nudity, images depicting minors or making available sensitive personal information, or other potentially inflammatory content.

Ineedbride.com is not liable for the conduct of users you may encounter via the website. Where disturbing or otherwise transgressive content is identified, users should reach out to the website administrators as a matter of urgency.

Data accuracy

While ineedbride.com makes every effort to ensure that the data provided to users on browsing the database, performing searches and/or applying filters to further classify search results is accurate, we don’t make any representations and/or warranties as to the overall veracity, accuracy or recency of the information. Data provided by other users during on-site communication or as part of a user profile should be considered similarly. While we endeavor to ensure all user data displayed on the website is as accurate as possible, we are unable to guarantee this beyond all possible doubt. As such, we cannot be held liable for any confusion, misunderstanding or decision making based solely on the information gleaned via these sources. Users should seek to verify any information which they regard as crucially important on their own and use their own judgement to apply what they have learned.

Termination and deactivation

You may deactivate or terminate your membership at any time without additional penalty either via the user panel or by contacting ineedbride.com directly using the details published on this website. You may thereby forfeit any membership fees, dues or similar already paid without recourse to refund. For more detailed information on the fee structure and notice or cancellation periods you may contact ineedbride.com directly.


From time to time access to the website or service may be interrupted temporarily for reasons unforeseen including natural disaster, emergency maintenance, critical hardware failure, legal restriction or any other. Ineedbride.com is not responsible for any real or perceived loss occurring to users or clients contingent upon such events, nor does it hold itself liable for the provision of compensation should the aforementioned occur.


Where your use of this website is categorized as a costed service, you agree to make prompt, verifiable and legal payment in respect of the appropriate subscription costs or charges or risk your account being terminated as outlined under “Termination”. If your use of the website involves a repeat automated payment, this will continue to be debited from your approved payment method until such a time as you have notified us that you wish to cancel the service. Part payments remaining on your account following cancellation may not be refundable. Payment services provided by ineedbride.com are checked regularly for security and fully compliant with fraud protection protocols, but we can’t accept responsibility for your payment details being stolen, intercepted or otherwise used by a third party, or for any loss you may therefore incur. All payments are made at your own risk.